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I have a broad skillset which covers graphic design, motion graphics, one page apps and front-end web development and design. I tend not to place under easy labels such as – "Oh, he’s a coder – hes a designer." Or; "Oh that dude is rich media; Oh yeah he’s motion graphics, etc." All of which by the way I have done and can do. I started in design. I did a lot of Flash design and Flash coding. A few years of motion graphics and extensive digital design in full-time agency work. Throughout it all I’ve always kept my hand in front-end coding.

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Responsive design and development is now default. HTML5, CSS3 (SASS & LESS) and the Javascript / jQuery ocean are the future. I am passionate about advanced Javascript Development and its possibilities for audio and video interfaces. Plus the developments within Javascript for hi-def, interactive 3D graphics. So that's where I'm headed. That's where I'm staying from here on.

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  • KSQ Design
  • South Woodford
  • London E18
  • England